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Web Analytics Based Marketing

Metrics Centered Marketing: Your Best ROI

You improve what you measure

While most websites (52.6%) have Google Analytics installed, only a fraction of those actually use that data to improve their ROI.

The tools available allow the website owner to gain actionable insights to improve results, yet few look further than how much traffic they are getting. The reason for this is simple: They don't know what to measure or how to interpret the data collected.

Synthesis: MCM will harness behavioral information to increase your conversion rate.

We Make Sense of Your Google Analytics Data

Custom Google Analytics Dashboards for Data-driven Decisions

Unformatted data on user behavior doesn't provide much direction. With a knowledge of your marketing goals, we sift the the the data to isolate the numbers that matter. We adjust what we carefully measure, filter and format a reporting structure that makes sense to you.

The data needed by a restaurant varies from that of an e-commerce platform or a company running an aggressive email campaign. With our experience across a broad range of industries we will create an always-on, near real-time presentation that's relevant to your decision making process.

We help you understand:
Historical Audit
Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Advanced Analytics Configuration: Filters, Funnels and Tags
Configure Monetization
Reporting Dashboards tailored to your company
Cross-Channel Integration

web analytics using Google analytics toolsEach Member of your team may have a Google Analytics dashboard customized with the information that's important to them.

Tracking PPC, Social Media and E-mail Campaign Effectiveness

Separate Traffic From Useful Traffic.

You put a great deal of time, effort and money into your campaigns. With a solid web analytics program, you can see which of these efforts help you reach your marketing goals. You can see the traffic coming to your site. But is it the right traffic; traffic that moves you towards your objectives?

We will look deeply into your data and find out what traffic is good and what's noise.

Don't waste your money on noise. Focus on what's powerful.