Stand Alone E-commerce Marketing or Multi-Channel Integration

We will help you build an integrated digital marketing solution

You may be strictly an e-commerce based retailer, a traditional retailer needing to expand on the internet, a multi-channel retailer looking to integrate across all touch points or a wholesaler wishing to cut costs through streamlining your sales process. In each case you need to develop a strategy and implementation that brings results. Synthesis: MCM will guide you in deciding which technologies will lead you to your goal, refine both your message and process to best engage your customers, and continually improve your customer interactions.
Moreover, our analytics tools will show you exactly how effective the program is.

Which roads work the best for you?

Synthesis: MCM will sit down with you and learn your customers, you market and your goals. With you, we will develop and execute a plan of continual improvement that is customer-centric: based on the customers' real world behavior.  Your customers will guide us in choosing direction. Generally speaking there are four routes to increased profitability:

  • Increase quality prospect traffic
  • Convert more prospects to customers
  • Raise the lifetime value of each customer
  • Reduce the cost of meeting the needs of each customer

By breaking these objective into identifiable, intermediary goals  or Key Performance Indicators, we have a frame work to test and modify your advertising, social media effectiveness, email marketing, search engine visibility, website design, cart functionality, pricing, fulfillment and relationship extension.

Would you like a map? Let's look at the way points:
  • Increased traffic
  • Better targeted traffic
  • Higher average value of sale
  • Greater profit margin per CPUS
  • More repeat customers
  • Greater frequency of customer visits
  • Fewer cart abandonment
  • Lower fulfillment costs
  • More referrals
  • Better returns on incentives
  • More accurate timing of marketing
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Sharper post-click marketing
  • Deeper understanding of your customer

Each of these roads has a metric.

Metric Centered Marketing examines the record of visitor actions at each touch point, and through the experimental analysis of visitor behavior fine tunes each aspect of your e-commerce program to incrementally improve each parameter resulting in steadily increased profitability.


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