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Direct Marketing Turned Digital

Metric Centered Marketing: Always the Core

Synthesis:MCM began as a direct marketing company creating and managing direct mail campaigns, trade show exhibits and training, and collateral materials. Since the year 2000 the focus has been on the internet, employing the same concepts of statistically tested materials and data-driven iterative design.

Our direct marketing roots inform how we approach internet marketing:

  • • Set campaign goals with testable Key Performance Indictors (KPIs) as a metrics
  • • Identify and know the target market segments
  • • Create a clear value proposition
  • • Tell a story that establishes trust, clarity and urgency
  • • Make a compelling call to action
  • • Measure results and make improvements

Target and Shape Behaviors

Landing Pages, Email Campaigns, PPC Campigns,E-Commerce and Websites that Work

Ultimately a website seeks to shape the visitors behavior to a desired outcome: Buy, become informed, register, donate, click on an advertiser, down-load, post. WIth that behavior foremost, we will tailor your digital marketing to elicit that specific repose. We will study visitor behavior to see if we are being successful, and we will experiment with ways to to improve our performance.

Get the Traffic You Need

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Local Search Engine Placement and Touchpoint Integration


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