State of the Site (SOTS) Audits

We examine over 180 parameters
diagnosing your site's structure and functions.

Used as a starting point for a program of site improvement or as the final step for a new site deployment, a SOTS audit seeks to uncover barriers to search engine rankings, usability issues, possible legal problems as well as providing recommendations to better align your site to your company's goals.
The audit provides an independent baseline against which future development can be measured.

Specifically the SOTS Audit examines:
• Validation against web standards (CSS, HTML and ADA)
• Factors that affect page delivery speed
• Proper implementation and structure of Java Script
• Variables that enable the proper indexing by search engines
• Server environment
• Meta structure including Dublin Core
• Digital ecosystem analysis
• Browser and mobile device rendering
• Panda and Penguin transgressions
The easy-to-understand report provides a list of “Must Fix” and “Should Fix” recommendations that will improve your site’s business performance.

Usability Testing

Discover how real people actually use your site.

Video usability testing
We take a pool of users and record their every mouse movement and key stroke with their voice commentary as they navigate and use your site. This methodology provides insights beyond those attainable through statistical analysis of behavior alone.
Click and Mouse Movement Tracking
Software tracks how visitors use your page, where they mouse scroll and fill out forms. This analysis is a great tool to troubleshoot problems that lead to web site abandonment.

Eye Tracking and Heat Maps

What do people see when they look at your web page?

When visitors visit your web pages, their eye races from visual element to visual element. Eye tracking creates a heat map to show us where the eye spends time. For example, if among the elements of your web design we have a log, some graphics and a call to action, does the visitor's eye easily locate the call to action or is it distracted by other graphics or a link to another page? Depending on budget, we can employ either full eye tracking—recording the actual eye movements of users—or algorithmic eye tracking—the elements of you page are compared statistically against data gathered in live eye tracking experiments.

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