Measurably Effective Internet Strategies

Build your business, Build your brand

Whether you are marketing across the globe or across town, your audience interacts with you through an ever expanding complex of devices, operating systems and media. From desktop users Googling you on obsolete operating systems, to mobile users reading your latest email blast on an Android phone, or the customer browsing your shopping cart on their iPad; they all inhabit the digital ecosystem where each part is connected to the others.

Your Facebook page affects your search engine rankings and your blog funnels potential clients to your Website. Retweets get pinned on Pinterest and those pictures reinforce your status on Yahoo. Even your customer’s cars are involved when someone asks their mapping program, “Where can I get a pizza around here” and then checks customer reviews on Yelp.

So How Does One Map a Strategy to Navigate this Digital World?

Synthesis:MCM creates strategies and tactics to bring order to the digital wilderness.

Matching your business goals and resources to your target audience we will help you implement a cost effective presence across these touchpoints that bring results.

Our Metrics Centered Marketing approach employs qualitative and quantitative measures to identify areas where we can continue to improve your results. Our digital marketing strategies begin with identifying key performance indicators. These break down your overall goals into a series of measurable and achievable steps (marcogoals to microconversions). Using sophisticated web analytics we track each step as your audience interacts with your digital marketing presence.

By applying an experimental analysis of user behavior, we constantly challenge what we have implemented looking for ways to do it better. When we improve a digital marketing strategy, we can tell you by how much. When an inspired idea turns out to be a fool notion, we know that too and can quickly change it. Metric centered marketing doesn't rely on gut feeling.

Multiple Touch Points: A Single Strategy

Synthesis:MCM brings all your touchpoints together into a unified,
measurable marketing strategy

  • • Search engine optimization
  • • Pay per click (PPC) digital advertising
  • • Search engine marketing
  • • Landing page optimization
  • • Local listings management
  • • Social media marketing
• Mobile apps and Mobile app advertising
  • • Email marketing
  • • E-Commerce
  • • Trans-channel marketing


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