Why Do You Need An
Internet Marketing Consultant?

Most small and medium sized companies don't take full advantage of digital marketing because they can't afford a full-time specialist with the technical depth to be effective.

Hiring an internet marketing consultant allows any company to have a an in-house digital expert.

Your internet marketing consultant becomes part of your team without the overhead of an employee and can be used on an "as needed" basis.

How We Help Companies Meet Their Goals

You know your market. You have your goals. And you know that the digital ecosystem is critical to reaching your market and attaining your goals.
But when you sit down with designers and developers, do you have the technical knowledge to judge there advice?

In today's complicated digital world, you need a team. The internet marketing consultant acts as a bridge between your company's product oriented people and specialists in visual design, coding and programming.

Utilizing the best practices in web analytics and user interface design, we focus on website development, Paid and organic advertising, email campaigns and e-commerce.

The end result is better performance, lower costs, and increased returns.

  1. Cost Containment.
  2. Better Conversions Through Directed User Experience
  3. More Effective PPC and SEM Campaigns
  4. Optimize Human Resources
  5. Higher Customer Volume, Velocity and Value
Cost is an Issue

In today’s competitive digital environment, companies often choose between adding the demands of digital marketing to the workload of an already fully loaded staff member or incurring the overhead costs of another employee.

In the first case, the staffer needs to acquire a new, highly specialized skill set that continues to evolve at breakneck speed.

In the second scenario, companies try to get by with a lower wage employee who doesn’t have the fully developed skill set or the experience.

Synthesis: MCM offers a third choice. You can bring on a deeply experienced person either for a single project or work as a digital marketing department that grows with you.

À la Carte Services

Every Project is different in size and scope. Accordingly, Synthesis will work with you to select the range of services that are most critical to your success. Our objective is to gain a maximum return on your investment with us. So we will not offer services at a cost out of scale with your objectives.

On a small site, this may mean only writing up the specification standards for a designer to work from.  In a large start-up operation this may mean working with you on your business plan, through the implementation phase and then working on a retainer as the project continues to grow.

  • Website Development and website design consulting

    Website Development

    • Specifications
    • SEO Consulting
    • Site Architecture
    • Vendor Selection
    • Project Planning
    • Project Sign-off
  • Digital Advertising, PPC and Search engine marketing

    Digital Advertising

    • Keyword Selection
    • Bidding Strategies
    • Landing Pages
    • Campaign Analytics
    • Remarketing
    • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital management including web analytics, content marketing and social media marketing

    Digital Management

    • Informed Web Analytics
    • Expanded Channel integration
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Iterative Development Program
    • Experimental Analysis of Behavior
    • Content Marketing

Why Synthesis:MCM

With over twenty years of digital marketing experience built on a decade of direct marketing and below-below-the-line advertising, Synthesis has learned how people think. Simply, our strategy works by aligning how messages are presented to the users' thought process. Better alignment translates into better goal conversions.

Working with your teams, designers and developers we produce digital materials that can be measured and once measured, continually improved.


Better returns on internet marketing through web analytics based business strategies that lower costs and increase conversions: PPC SEM SEO and e-Commerce.