The Day After: Ecommerce Follow Up

Customer satisfaction reaches its peak immediately after the customer makes a purchase. They have just made a positive buying decision and all is anticipation as the await delivery of their product.

Maximize on this good will before the iron cools.

First, reinforce the wisdom of purchase. Immediately send them a thank you and use this occasion to remind them of the reasons they made their purchase by reiterating the benefits they will soon realize. This both allays any buyer remorse and reassures them of your commitment to them and the product. You have just made a significant investment in the cost of acquisition so now convert a sale into a relationship.

This is also the moment to make friends. Human nature dictates that we all like to share what we find to be good. So immediately after a sale is made, remind your new found friend to like you on Facebook, add you to Google + or Tweet their experience.

Send a time limited coupon for a future purchase. Key to maximizing the cost of acquisition is to convert a sale into a habit. A single sale soon fades from memory in a marketplace where vendors are commodities. Before your newly acquired customer embarks on their next shopping search, you need to give them cause to visit your site before they Google. Coupons provide the incentive to do so. It takes three purchases to build a buying habit.
Our fourth tactic, related but more proactive than a coupon is to sell them again. Certainly, this may not be suitable for all products and services but while your positives are highest, you can capitalize with a properly targeted offer to purchase again or add value to the purchase.

So don’t rest on your laurels after a sale. Take four steps to building a long lived customer: Thank them and reiterate the wisdom of their purchase, ask for a referral, give them an incentive to shop with you again, and extend the sale while goodwill is high.

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