Couch Commerce:

The universe of digital commerce is undergoing a huge transformation as potential customers across all age groups change the way they shop online. Of course I speak of the rise of the tablet. Digital retailers must adapt to the migration from the desk to the couch or lose out to this growing market segment.

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Local Listings: Load Time Matters

Recently, I was in Las Vegas. As the evening drew on, the question of where eat arose. With a preference for Italian that night I pulled out my phone and using Google Maps made a query for Italian restaurants nearby.

One of the returns seemed worth exploring so I clicked on the menu link . . . nothing.

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Four critical times to conduct a SOTS Audit

A State of the Site (SOTS) Audit takes a snapshot view of where your website stands in five critical dimensions:

  • Search engine friendliness
  • Site integrity
  • Ccode validation
  • Page speed
  • Connectedness

Together these give you a pretty good understanding of how well your site will be experienced by visitors and viewed by search engines. (A more thorough exploration of what a SOTS Audit is can be found in the companion piece SOTS Audits: Begin at the Beginning.) This article addresses the question,