David Olgivy: Sell or Else

Advertising doyen David Olgivy speaks on direct response advertising. While this taped filmed address is from the age of print and broadcast television, he lays out the case for metrics centered marketing in a way that many web practitioners still do not understand. Even of those that do, many act as if marketing on the internet created the science/art of directly interacting with our markets.

This 9 minute video definitely warrants a viewing

Couch Commerce:

The universe of digital commerce is undergoing a huge transformation as potential customers across all age groups change the way they shop online. Of course I speak of the rise of the tablet. Digital retailers must adapt to the migration from the desk to the couch or lose out to this growing market segment.

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The Day After: Ecommerce Follow Up

Customer satisfaction reaches its peak immediately after the customer makes a purchase. They have just made a positive buying decision and all is anticipation as the await delivery of their product.

Maximize on this good will before the iron cools.

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5 Initial Steps to Successful Search Engine Optimization

Initial Steps to Successful Search Engine Optimization

When people think of digital marketing, they first think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This remains a key component of the digital marketing ecosystem along with social media marketing; email marketing, App development, Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and cross-channel marketing.
At Synthesis: MCM we employ an approach known as Agile Development which is an iterative approach integrated across all marketing channels. This is a metric centered marketing paradigm, where we collect and analyze data on user behavior and refine our efforts based on what we have learned from our previous efforts to move us towards preset, quantifiable objectives.
This paper lays out the five key steps that we build on to perform effective SEO.

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Local Listings: Load Time Matters

Recently, I was in Las Vegas. As the evening drew on, the question of where eat arose. With a preference for Italian that night I pulled out my phone and using Google Maps made a query for Italian restaurants nearby.

One of the returns seemed worth exploring so I clicked on the menu link . . . nothing.

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