Where You Host Your Site Matters

For your security, your piece of mind and your search engine rankings

Usually marketing companies don't talk about hosting, but in the digital world hosting is the basis of everything. In order to provide the best possible service to our customers, we provide a web a quality hosting service to enhance your search engine visibility and to facilitate the iterative design process

  • Search Engine Friendly
    Search engines are sensitive to server performance. Slow, intermittent servers or servers those that host links farms and SPAM sites won't be tolerated. We offer sufficient RAM and bandwidth to make your site blazingly fast. We offer dedicated IP addresses or limit the number of sites per IP. As hosting is an extension of our digital marketing programs, black-hat techniques are not an issue.

  • Guaranteed Up-Time
    99% uptime isn't good enough. We guarantee 99.998% uptime. With triple OS3 backbone carrier redundancy (AT&T, Version, XO), redundant uninterruptible power source, Cisco Routers and RAID 5 servers we can assure you that your site will be up and available.

  • Safe and Secure Hosting
    The facilities we have used since 2004 are protected by biometric access security,and gas fire suppression. PCI and HIPPA Certification are available. Not convinced? OUr hosting facility is used by US Bank and Fujitsu.

  • Completely Scalable
    Whether you are a small company with a tight budget or a large corporation that requires racks of servers, our hosting solution can be sized to fit your requirements.
  • Three Server Environments, Not One

    We provide separate development, staging and live environments

    It's not overkill. The process of continual improvement through iterative development means that we are constantly making changes to your website. Deploy > Test > Improve. So we use three separate server environments to insure that your website is always up and operating—No "Under Construction" pages allowed.

    Development Server:

    The process of developing a website can get pretty funky. Things break. Pages render incorrectly. Links break. Frankly, no one needs to see any of this process except the coders. So all development happens in a separate development environment.

    Staging Server:
    When increments are fully developed we move things to a staging server. Here we present to you the completed work for your approval and testing. Only when the site is fully approved and stable to we take your work public.
    Live Server:
    When the site has been fully tested and know to be stable, we load your site to our fast, reliable real-world server.  

    Wordpress, Joomla, Woocommerce

    Yes, we can host. You get a development server as well.

    There are several issues that arise from hosting on Wordpress:

  • You split up your link juice so that you don't get all search engine benefits of self-hosting.
  • You only have a single server environment, so your site redesigns can make things go horribly wrong killing your public web site.
  • You cannot perform a full range of web analytics.
  • Wordpress updates are automatically installed but updates may not be compatible with your site or plug-ins.

  • Hosting your Woordpress or Joomla site with Synthesis:MCM gives you the advantages of these easily upgradable solutions without the disadvantages.

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