Optimized websites get 60%-340% better results

Maximize your internet returns through continual improvement.

Search engine optimization (SEO) comes to mind with the word “Optimization”. Getting a great position on Google, Bing or Yahoo will definitely improve traffic but if your optimization stops there, your leaving money in someone else’s pocket.

Go Further.

Each Optimization bring you closer to reashing your business Goals

Search Engine Optimization:
Both the syntax and content of your website should be optimized so that search engines can clearly determine what your website is about.
Conversion Optimization:
Turn traffic into results. Each page of your website should elicit a specific behavior from your user. Using web analytics we can examine your visitor behavior and make appropriate changes to maximize our results
Landing Page Optimization:
Emails, Search engines, online advertising and QR codes all drive traffic to your site. But if all your traffic goes to your homepage, you miss the opportunity to capitalize on your new visit. Using landing pages that are optimized to turn that visit into a predetermined action, brings a higher return on your investment of getting visitors to your site.
Funnel Optimization:
Whether a visit is initiated through direct mail, a QR code in a magazine, an e-mail blast or a search engine, there is chain of events from touch point through to the desired behavior. When a visitor abandons this sequence, it's a lost opportunity. Funnel optimization analyzes where your funnel is leaking web visitors and corrects this loss.
E-Commerce Optimization:
From pricing and advertising through to the mechanics of your shopping cart, successful e-commerce marketing depends on a clear understanding of how your visitor interacts with your sales chain. Be it a new customer acquisition or prolonged customer life cycle, optimizing your e-commerce program will yield higher returns for less cost.
Paid Advertising Optimization:

Paid web advertising works. But each click costs. Using Web analytics we can fine tune each step of the client/web interaction to direct your visitor through the thought process that brings your desired result.

So how do we "Optimize"?

By analyzing the numbers that reveal visitor behavior and creating experiments to find verifiable improvements in each aspect of your internet marketing, we can produce better results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Success in search engine optimization (SEO) can be summed up in two words:
“Drive” and “Draw”.

Without tweaking your “Draw” all your efforts at “Drive” go for naught. Yet most search engine optimization (SEO) efforts focus on “Drive”.
Ironic, isn’t it, that we have control over “draw”.
Drive is the ongoing effort to improve your site’s ranking in the search engines and having your listing appear to the most relevant queries; we try to match our site to the algorithms of Google, Yahoo or Bing.  The search engine optimization process is focused on where our site appears on the search engine results pages (SERPs).
Draw, on the other hand is how we appear on the search engine results pages (SERP) wherever that may be: page 1 or page 1,020,996,327. Draw focuses on having users click on your listing.

Search engines have one goal in mind:
To deliver qualified prospects to their advertisers. In order to do this they must serve relevant information from quality sites in response to search queries.

With search engine optimization we match your website to the search engines' goals. We examine 5 factors:

  • Structure Optimization:
    Is your site technically good enough?
  • Content Optimization:
    You need fresh, original content structured for the robots
  • Context Optimization:
    The search engines examine the context of your site. Do you?
  • Text Optimization:
    Does your copy naturally match the terms likely to be searched?
  • Ecosystem Optimization
    How does your site fit into the web?

Conversion Optimization

Building traffic to your site won’t improve your business results unless your visitors act.
With conversion optimization we analyze your visitors’ behavior and, through experimentation, shape their behavior so that more of them perform a desired action: buy a product, register their interest, download information, etc.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is a particular form of Conversion Optimization. You have already invested in bringing a prospect to your site but have not yet produced a result. By tailoring your landing page to your prospects’ expectations we can achieve major increases in returns.

Funnel Optimization

Along the entire length of your results funnel, including post-click interaction, lie opportunities to increase sales volume and sales value as well as improve client relationships. Process Optimization achieves those results.

E-commerce Optimization

Making you e-commerce business competitive on the internet is like writing a symphony. Each point of contact with your customer must be honed with a vision of converting the sale, increasing the average transaction value, gaining repeat business and converting sales into recommendations.

Paid Advertising Optimization (PPC, SEM)

Pay per Click (PPC), Banner Ads, and Search engine driven marketing such as AdWords, AdSense, BingAds and Yahoo! Advertising all can drive traffic to your site. Finding the proper mix, the proper searches and the proper budget and the proper creative will maximize your returns. By running the numbers and testing, we can uncover what works and separate that from what appears to work.
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